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Book the visit of the cellar, with Obiz wine tasting!

A little journey to discover our cellar, the lands rich in history and culture, of wines that reflect our simple and sincere style!

You will be hosted in the cozy tasting room, where we will accompany you on a sensory journey to learn more about our reality!

Obiz Lands are part of a small village, known in the past as Lòbiz (German pronunciation) or Lobìs (as pronounced in Friulano, a minority language of the Italian Republic), name derived from Tommaso Obizzi, banker from Rivo Alto in Venice, landowner of the area in the sixteenth century.
In modern times the village was renamed Borgo Gortani by the name of Nicolò Gortani, Carnian landowner who bought these lands in 1878.

Nowadays Obiz consists of approximately 40 hectares of vineyards, located near the winery and in the surrounding areas; the vineyards are mainly processed according to the Guyot method with a high planting density.